Still Life

Sometimes I’m wandering around the house, cleaning up cars for the eightieth time after the kids have gone to bed, and I stumble upon these little scenes of life at our house. Little reminders of their habits. I take so many pictures of the kids, but as great as it is to have a close-up of a baby, sometimes it’s nice to just capture the context.

Right now P loves letters. He recognises most of them, and knows the sounds, but hasn’t yet made the giant leap to stringing them all together. It occurred to me that there are so many parts to reading – learning the letters is one thing, but you also have to learn, for example, that you read left to right, that you can’t just jumble them up in any order, or that words are predefined, not just made up on the spot.

P loves to string letters together for me to “read” them, and I found this scene on our dinner table last night. As you can see, he spelled “Phrbomvqqmnkzadnutxiltcgm.”