Ice Cream Dress 2

I made the Oliver and S ice-cream dress again – this time it was much faster. I didn’t do them the contrasting hem this time because I was thinking it would be more of a tunic come summer – also, I didn’t have enough of the stripey fabric. I made this out of a bedsheet I found at a thrift store – love the vintage-y flowers and dots! Of course, it required much washing and sterilising because I am paranoid like that. I let my kid eat dirt, yes, but a thrift store sheet? Hm.

I can’t believe I have just two more weeks of maternity leave. Part of me has been looking forward to the return, but I feel very sad knowing that this time with M is over. For ten months, we’ve been together all the time, excepting the odd few hours here and there. Her little two-tooth grin lights up my day. We know each other so well, and she’s such wonderful company. We’ll never know the details of each other’s lives so well again. And now that time is coming to an end, and I’m going to miss her so much.

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  1. It must be glorious to have so much maternity leave! And what a doll she is – it must also be a blast making clothes for her!

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