Bubble Dress!

As part of the sewing madness leading up to my brother’s wedding, I also made this dress for Miss M. It’s the Oliver + S bubble dress, and I adore it… this dress is very easy to construct, and the bubble effect is achieved by sewing an elastic along the bottom, which then scrunches up and gets all bubbly. Does that make sense? I love the finishing on this dress – because it’s lined, I hardly had to use my serger at all. In fact, the inside was finished so prettily that I only noticed part way through the wedding that she was wearing it inside out. Woops!

She’s still crawling but I did manage to get one standing picture of her – unfortunately Flickr seems to be having problems uploading it despite the fact that I just paid $24 for a pro membership. Hm. Oh wait, here it is:

I also made myself a dress for the wedding out of some lovely AMH fabric. But two days before I tried it on and decided it was far too casual, and, well, sister-wife. I stopped immediately and rushed out to Banana Republic and spent a small fortune on a dress there, but I think that was the right choice. Luckily the fabric is still salvageable and some of it has already made its way into a stacked coin quilt I am making for a friend’s new baby.

Next project (besides the quilt) – fabric lootbags for P’s birthday. Also, some beautiful Heather Ross Girls Who Love Horses fabric arrived (ordered on a whim!) and I’m trying to decide what to do with that… as an aside, do not google “Girls” “Love” and “Horses” in the presence of small children. The Internet is a freaky place.