Class Picnic Dress

In a few weeks… ooooh, actually 10 days we are going away for almost 2 weeks. To a warm southern state with a beach, and sunshine and lots of things this crazy weather hasn’t had up here.

Class Picnic Dress

I typically work four days a week, and mostly that works out quite well for me, but for the last few weeks I’ve been working 5+, so I am definitely in need of a recharge. As is M’s wardrobe – and so I bring you the class picnic dress. This pattern is usually a top, but I made it into a dress, having stolen that idea from the Oliver+S website. I also made a bias binding that went around the whole neckline, rather than just the sleeves, and made it contrasting.

The skirt is sort of inspired by some of the Diane von Furstenberg stuff I saw on the Gap kids website… oh, I know it was this one. I love the skirt but I won’t pay $58 for a onesie. Apparently some people will though, since it’s sold out in most sizes. Then again, $15 worth of fabric and 3 hours of labour? Hmmm. My affinity for fancy fabrics keeps sewing from being wholly economical. But it’s worth it when you this little sweetie in her custom-made dress. It was still a little chilly out, so she kept a top on underneath.

, on Flickr

I do wish I’d made the ruffle a bit more “ruffly.” I think it would have been cute, but I detached the skirt and then added it back on again because the first time it wasn’t at the right length. So that reduced the volume somewhat as I was lazy and just trimmed off the seam instead of picking it all apart.