Beach Pullover

In the lead-up to the warm weather, I found myself sewing a lot for M, but P needs a little sewing love too! A couple of days before we left for South Carolina, I heard it was going to be cool and windy for a couple of days. That reminded me of a boy-friendly pattern that’s been sitting in my “stash” for a while – the Oliver+S Nature Pullover. (I made the pants here, but not the top.)

I made it out of some gorgeous blue linen I got at Dressew, and some Heather Ross guitar fabric for the accent. I didn’t have very much of the Heather Ross, just two fat quarters. If I’d had more I would have probably changed the direction of the guitars so they were going up and down instead of left to right. But I don’t think P minds. I was also feeling might proud of myself because it’s a three-scissor pattern and I made it up in an evening. Go me! And that linen feels just like butter… it’s delicious. Perfect for the cloudy days at the beach.