KCWC Last Day – Sailor Pants

Last day of KCWC, and this is my last kids’ project for a bit – some sailor pants for P.


These are the Oliver+S Sailboat pants. I love this pants pattern and have made it a couple of times now. It was briefly out-of-print, but is now available digitally. There’s also a skirt option, which I haven’t made yet.

I did the pants with piping this time, and I found some nautical-themed buttons. The fabric is a fine-wale corduroy that’s been kicking around in my stash for a while. The waistband is a little folded over in the picture, but it’s not actually uneven when properly adjusted. I just didn’t notice it at the time.

Added: Thought I would add one teensy note about the piping since a friend asked about it on my Flickr page. In brief, I basted the piping to the right side of the pant piece before sewing on the facing to the facing. You line up the raw edge of the piping with the raw edge of the pants. I used a zipper foot to get as close to the cording as possible, and clipped into the piping seam allowance around the corners. It bends more easily than you’d think but lots of pins are very helpful! Then, when I attached the facing, I was able to sew over the basting line, essentially tracing the basting line. If this doesn’t make much sense, there’s a much more in-depth tutorial on piping here. I just used store bought piping but you can also really customise by making your own.