I feel like I have to ‘fess up as I went clothes shopping today despite my one-year challenge. Not for the kids, but for moi. I have been in court quite a bit in the last while, which has reminded me that I am desperately in the need of a new suit. I didn’t get a suit but I did buy two blazers and a dress that will tide me over until I can find the right suit. I want to buy something that will last 10 years, sort of like the last really good suit I had.

While I did sign up for an online suit jacket course, and have watched some of it, I do think a blazer is one of those garments worth paying for.

While shopping, I realized that this four-month clothes shopping hiatus has really changed my attitude about what to buy. First, I rejected several extremely well-priced items where the fit was a teensy bit off. Also I found myself checking what everything was made of before buying. Also, I’m feeling good that these are sort of legacy items as they are all extremely well-made and quite classic. They’re more expensive (though it was a 50% off sale) than I usually buy but that was okay since I’ve been so restrained lately on the clothing front.

There may be a few more work-related items purchased at some point in the future this year, but no impulse buys. On the kids I have remained strong and plan to buy nothing unless it’s something I really can’t make… haven’t even caved on socks yet.