Early Days

Both girls are doing great. Bea is still having trouble gaining weight a bit and she has a serious case of snuffles, but I hope she’ll be up over 6 lb at their next appointment.


Two babies are a game changer. With one baby, you have a few periods during the day where they’re asleep for an extended period – you know so you can shower or eat. With two, they never seem to coordinate.

With one, you can hold the baby and you still have a free hand for a coffee or a snack. With two, if they both fall asleep on you, you’re pretty much paralysed for the next hour.

With one, you can remember that you changed the diaper not-so-long ago. With two, you go to change the baby and realise she’s soaked right through. Then you realised you probably changed the other baby’s diaper three times when you thought you’d changed her.


This summer will definitely be the season of doing nothing – if all I accomplish is a shower and picking up the kids on time without forgetting to eat, I’ll call it a win. My greatest accomplishment this week was nursing one girl while changing the other – big excitement!

P.S. In case you’re wondering about the picture, I don’t let them sleep on a pillow unless they’re on my lap… but so darn cute.

One thought on “Early Days”

  1. Two babies is more than a game changer! Sounds like you’re doing awesome. 🙂 who needs a shower anyways, huh? 😉 love the pics. They are so cute!

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