No Time for a Title

The girls are roughly three weeks “adjusted” now, and they are starting to be far more alert. They aren’t content to take long naps in their bassinettes – they need to be held. This would be fine if there was one, but holding two is a bit tricky, though I am learning to master it. Mostly, I don’t mind, unless the remote is out of reach.

I keep starting entries here and getting interrupted. Funny thing about that.

Topics that have occurred to me:
-anecdote about “artistic” nursing photos I found on my camera taken from toddler-eye view
-discussion of an interesting TedTalk I watched on neuroplasticity by a paediatrician and former neonatologist at Sick Kids Hospital.  A lot of the neuroplasticity reading I’ve done says that rewiring of the brain is clearly possible, but I’m left wondering why it works for some and not others.  This talk provides one theory and her blog seems to have some great tips for parents of brain-injured kids.
-discussion of what I’ve been knitting/sewing (not much but I do have a project in progress in each respective art form!)
-recounting amusing conversations with P
-weighing of pros and cons of each twin (C is more demanding but takes longer and more solid sleeps during the day and night; B takes mini-naps and wakes 4x a night but is a little more patient when awake… which is a lot of the time!)
-listing of sweet/funny/irritating things people say when they find out you have (a) preemies (b) twins or (c) both.

Oh well – soon! In the meantime, both girls are doing really well, eating and growing and I even got a smile from B. C is a solid little chunk now at over 9 pounds and is super cute. B is more delicate but she’s definitely looking like a lovely little baby and less like a prem.

B, staring up at Nana:



C, snuggled up with her big sister.