I’m reorganising the categories of the blog a bit, so if you read this on an RSS reader, it may look like I published some new entries when in fact I was just editing older ones.

When my twins were in the NICU I was always trying to find blogs about babies who have been through something similar, particularly for multiples and particularly with for babies with the Grade III and Grade IV IVHs. I read quite a few of these blogs “cover-to-cover” trying to figure out what kind of outcomes were possible and what sort of symptoms I might see. Outrageous Fortune has been a wealth of information. I also frequently checked Cox Quads because it was one of the few that has followed the kids to an older age (they are now four) and she summarises some of the kids early visits and assessments with their paediatricians.

This blog isn’t just about prematurity. It’s really just a blog about my personal life, which involves a whole random assortment of things. But I know there are some people who come here via search engines searching for information about premature babies in the NICU, or about PPROM and possibly those people don’t want to sort through 20 posts about socks to just get to the answer: WHAT HAPPENED? Unfortunately I don’t have the answer… at least not yet. But at least now what I do know is a little easier to find.