Jared Flood must be some kind of genius. Looks how he uses two simple purl stitches to create a braid effect. Pretty neat.

Flint Mittens Braid

The bad news is that this approximately one centimetre of knitting took me about two hours by the time I figured out the provisional cast-on and knit the hem. (It’s hard to see here, but it’s actually doubled over.) After this part, the pattern casually states “work Row 1-64 of the right mitten chart.” Yikes. And the worst news is that I have to do another mitten.

These mittens are a Christmas present for J (who neither reads this blog nor pays close attention to what I’m knitting.) I’ve been doing lots of stockinette patterns recently so I figured a teensy bit of colour work and some cables would be good for the soul. Still have to knit two stockings, a cowl and the rest of this mitten and its mate before Christmas though – can I do it?

I finished this little jacket recently too. I made it for size 12-months just in case the 6-12 was too small by the time I finished. I was too fast for my own good and it’s certainly going to be a few months before the twins fit in it. That said, I think they’ll (one? both?) get at least a few years of wear in it. M could probably fit in it if we passed the sleeves off as 3/4 length. The yarn is the same Madeline Tosh mohair blend I used in the booties, and is not quite as variegated as this picture shows – I was having fun with filters.

B & C's little sweater

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  1. Oooohh….love the little jacket! What pattern?

    Good luck with the mittens!! Sometimes the figuring out takes the longest, once you’ve learned it it’ll go by fast (I hope.) Can’t wait to see the results.

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