I have bought nothing yet for Christmas despite the fact that I have four children to shop for. I decluttered my house last weekend, taking bags of stuff to the local charity drop-offs, or just throwing it away if it was not reusable. And I’m finding it hard to think of buying more things just to replace what I got rid of.

I read this kooky little book recently called the Japanese Art of Decluttering. My friend teased me that in Japan it’s an art, instead of just something you do around the house. You do not need this book to declutter, but I did like its central premise, which is that you should only keep things that “spark joy.” That’s an evocative sentiment in itself, isn’t it? Suddenly I was looking around at dozens of things that didn’t spark joy – a broken picture frame, a Perler-bead turtle, a water gun arrived from a loot bag. Gone – all gone.

It’s really just another way of saying what William Morris apparently said – Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. I can’t say I’m entirely there yet – I see another Perler bead turtle nearby. But it’s a good start.

2 thoughts on “Decluttering”

  1. My laptop is currently sharing coffee-table space with a Perler-bead duck and a Perler-bead heart and they have not yet been ironed so tomorrow I will be in trouble for shifting them ever so slightly and dislodging seven beads. I look forward to ten days from now when they are ironed and forgotten and on their way out the door!

  2. We moved from a 4000 sf house to an 1170 sf condo. NOTHING moved with us that was not essential or bringing joy. It’s a delightful way to live, but I’m not sure it’s possible while there are children in the house.

    Wishing you and your family a very wonderful holiday.

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