I have a thing against reward programs. I think the administrative costs are outrageous, and I’d rather just have the savings reflected in the price, or interest rate. I’m also hopeless at remembering to cash these things in, and so is J. I don’t even do frequent flier miles. But at my bank, I can get a reward card for free and the interest rate is no worse than the free card, so we have one.

The other day I logged in for the first time in three years and realised I have quite a significant number of points. I could buy something very practical – like a gift card to Home Depot which we could use towards our basement reno costs, or something totally frivolous, that I would never normally outlay the cash on. Guess what I chose?

I don’t have much ‘real’ jewellery, but ever since I turned 30, I’ve sort of craved some. I just want a few things to hand down to the kids, or to wear to a cocktail party and feel glamourous. Still, it’s something I have trouble spending money on. J is a great gift-giver, but his idea of the perfect Valentine’s gift is from Lululemon (and I love it!)

There’s something very evocative about a blue Birks box – makes me think of my grandmothers gleaming brown dressing table, which smelled like varnish, and her box full of tangled rings and bracelets. I don’t even know if that’s a real memory or just one I made up.

I was worried they’d be too matronly, but when I put them on they make me feel like Audrey Hepburn. I’m thinking these will be my new work day staple. They’re a bit too big for every day jeans and t-shirt wear but I haven’t been able to take them off.

Pretty, no?