Conversations with P

P: Can you buy Mini-Wheats?
Me: Um, do those have sugar?
P: No – they are these strings what you can eat, that are all tied up in a ball, and there’s white toothpaste on one side that tastes like milk.
Me: Toothpaste? Well, we’ll see. I used to like those too when I was a kid.
P: They had those when YOU were alive?


P: X is my first best friend, Y is my second and Z is my fourth.
Me: Really? Well, you know I wouldn’t tell Z he is only your fourth best friend. It might hurt his feelings.
P: Well… I told him and he was okay with it!

School Days

P: Today at school, S____ said to Ms. Li, “You ARE A BAD TEACHER!” Like that!
M: Really? Why?
P: He was taking stuff off the calendar what he wasn’t supposed to, and then he ran away and Ms. Li stopped him. And then he said that!
Me: Wow.
P: Yeah. My mouth was like [freezes and makes shocked face]. And in my brain I was like “What the HECK-AH?”
Me: What did Ms. Li say?
P: She said “S____, you are making bad choices.”

Back In Time

We’re gearing up for kindergarten tomorrow, and the importance of this milestone is suddenly hitting me. I love having an almost 5-year old who tells knock-knock jokes, warns his sister that she is doing something “dangerous” (or warns me!), beats me at dominoes around 50% of the time, and tells me that he is a “little worried” about his first day at school. But sometimes I wish I could go back in time and snuggle this little guy.
Baby P