I love listening to my two very different children play together.  Right now they’re playing with their Minecraft stuffed animals.  M insists there is a wedding and has dressed her animal in a sparkling cape.  P is willing to go along with the wedding theme so long as there is lava at the wedding.  And explosions.  When M gets worried about the safety of the guests he agrees the lava should be cordoned off with caution tape.

M is (almost) 2!

Miss M is going to be 2 in less than a week! We celebrated in style, with cake and whipped cream and cousins.

If you came to see Miss M you’d probably see her acting all shy at your arrival. She and her cousin B were out-shying each other. But once she knows we’re not leaving and you’re not a sitter, she’ll boss with the best of them. You’ll hear “Nooooooooo!” a lot, and see a big mischievous grin. I always feel I got off easy with P in his twos. His challenging stage was 3. I think M is going to be the quintessential 2-year old though. If she has any sense you want her to do something, she is going to refuse to do it. If she senses that I want her to wear an outfit, she will scream bloody murder. I won’t lie – there was some screaming to get her into this outfit. She also knows now that I want her to pose for a picture, and her answer is “No JEEZ!” which translates to “No ‘Cheese!'” which translates to “No, I am not going to say ‘Cheese’ and smile for your picture Mummy!” Hence the reason the only picture I have that shows the whole dress has her covering her mouth with a toy cowboy hat.

Croquet Dress and Skort

She is a girl of few words. “Say your name M!” I urge, and she gives me the “Nooooooo!” and that grin I was talking about. But for a child with so few words, she can definitely get her point across through mimes and so on. I’m rarely confused about what she wants – whether it’s her plaintive sign for “hungry” or a request to draw.

Croquet Top

Both she and P were sick 10 days or so ago, and it took her quite a long time to recover. It was a week of “Uppa! Mummy! Uppa! Mummy!” all.week.long. I do not fare well with such neediness. Every now and then I can relax into it, but somehow it always coincides with a particularly busy time at work. It’s been really nice to see her happy and playing again. She feeds tea to all her babies. She chases P around “roaring” like a “scary witch” (at least that’s what he calls it… it looks more zombie-like to me). And best of all, she sleeps a little better, which always makes the household mood a bit happier.

Of course her birthday party warranted a new, summery outfit. Nevermind that it poured rain all day.

Outfit: Oliver+S Badminton Top + Skort Pattern
Skill Level: Rated 1 scissor (Easy), but I found the yoke a little tricky. It was certainly more complicated than the Nature Pullover, which is rated three scissors. The skort is super-easy though.
Fabric: Top is Ann Kelle with unknown blue for yoke/bindings. The blue looks like a voile to me, but I have no idea where I got it. Skirt is Denyse Schmidt’s DS Quilts for Joann’s
I will definitely make multiple versions of the skort, and probably one more top, just because I want to perfect that yoke. Although it was a bit tricky, I was buoyed by the instructions which said something like “If this part is a bit fiddly, you’re on the right track!” The skort was a breeze to sew, although I accidentally sewed the hem facing on the outside. (This is what happens when you sew when the kids are awake.) I’ll chalk it up to a happy accident as it made me realise you could do a two-toned skirt that would look cute too, and I think it looks fine as is, so I didn’t leave it.