Once I Knit

Do you have lots of unfinished craft projects lying around? I do. I used to knit – I can’t even remember what; mostly hats and stuff for people, none of them particularly good. But I’ve recently started a knitting project – my first in about 5 years, and I thought I should take inventory of what I have. First I found this project, which always fills me with a pang of guilt for its unfinished state:

Unfinished Baby Blanket

I still remember going to the yarn store and picking out all these gender neutral colours for my baby-to-be’s blanket. This is a baby blanket I was knitting for P when I was pregnant 5 (!) years ago. Then I had the baby, and, well, haven’t touched the blanket since. Not sure if I would even remember how to do those cables, although I guess I could figure it out fairly quickly. Still, I don’t have enough yarn to make it more than baby sized, and neither P or M are babies anymore! But it is cozy, and the yarn is quite nice. Maybe I’ll be finished it by the time I have grandchildren.

Then there’s this work-in-progress:

Unfinished Toy

This was going to be a stuffed animal for P’s first birthday. (He’s now four and a half.) Most of it is knit, only needed to do 2 more legs and the trunk (it was to be an elephant) so I’m not sure why I didn’t patch it together, but I can’t even find the instructions anymore. I do like that yarn though – I will find a use for orange stuff someday.

Next stop, unfinished scarf:


I don’t even remember when I did this. Like, this may have been from my university days – or at the latest, law school. I don’t even remember seeing it when we moved here. You can’t see in my crappy phone photos (complete with extra foot) but it’s actually a fairly complex checked design, made out of some kind of acrylic wool. The thing is, I kind of think it’s ugly now. But oy, it looks like a lot of work went into it. That’s in the ‘maybe’ pile for now – could be ditched.

And then, whoa! This…
Unused Wool

I swear I must have 10 of these things of this acrylic bumpy yarn. Why on earth I bought so many, I have no idea. Was I planning to knit a tent? I thought about using them up, but I really don’t have much interest in knitting with 100% acrylics anymore. So into the goodwill bag they go.

How about you? What’s lurking in your closet?