Sencha Blouse

This is another projects from the archive, so to speak. I made it ages ago and never blogged it, but I wore it for the first time the other night. This is the Sencha Blouse by Collette Patterns.

I found this pattern a bit more challenging than one would expect for a simple blouse. The ties were so teeny tiny and I have no loop turner, so the fabric kept ripping when I tried to turn them inside out. Eventually I just folder them and sewed a visible stitch line, but I don’t think they look as good. I also am a bit spoiled by my Oliver+S patterns and expected to be walked through each step more specifically. The Collette patterns are lovely, but this one was not geared at someone quite as “beginner” as I am. I got a bit confused around the back and there was some seam ripping to be done.

I probably could have sized down one too; it gaped a bit at the back. I’d also probably make it longer next time. As I recall, the the pattern seems to assume that if you are petite you are also shorter.

The blouse is a grey voile and it wrinkles so easily… I have a hard time getting used to that. I don’t wear it much – I think I might try to make it again in silk or batiste – that would be very pretty and would probably get a lot more use. I’m still educating myself about apparel fabrics.

I also have her Violet pattern and am very excited to try that one – it’s so pretty.

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