Zigzag Quilt

I guess my blog must be getting more popular as I’m starting to get all sorts of comment spam again, despite my very glamourous captcha.

We are going on vacation tomorrow so there may not be much crafting – can’t pack a sewing machine on a trip you know.  I am thinking about bringing some fabric and patterns and just cutting out a whole bunch of patterns to sew when I get back, but haven’t decided yet.

I did finish, just in the nick of time, this quilt for a little baby.  I thought this baby would be born after the quilt was done, but as it turned out she was several weeks early, and of course I am much slower than I think I will be.  Still, it was finished in time to come along with me on the trip and is merrily washing right now in the machine.

This picture is dim as I took it at dusk, but I love the colour combination.  I spent a lot of time picking the fabrics, and am so pleased with how they turned out.  Rocket ships and butterflies.

I didn’t go all crazy with the quilting this time either – sort of minimalist.