Rhubarb Pie-Making Dress

I’ve been wanting a slightly vintage-y feeling housedress recently – something comfy but pretty. I always think of the Lisette Patterns as quite modern and not vintage-y, but I was looking at View C of the Traveler Dress and realising that it could have a very 1930s feel in a vintage-y fabric. It’s actually a fabulous pattern because you get two classic dresses and a blouse all in one.


The fabric is Denyse Schmidt for DS Quilts (which I got at Joann’s on my April trip to the U.S., since sadly they do not ship to Canada.)


This dress is definitely not my usual style, but I kind of love for that very reason. I need more giant bouquets of flowers in my life. And on my clothes.

The dress went together extremely quickly – I decided to make it, cut it out, fitted it and finished it (except for the buttons) all in a day – a day on which I went on a very long bike ride. Mind you, I was up excruciatingly early with the kids, and those wee hours of the morning can be quite productive.

Fabric: Denyse Schmidt; I think I had 2.5 yards, which was slightly less than the pattern called for.
Time: Everything – about 4 hours. I had made the dress before in View A, so that helped.
Skill Level: Novice sewists should not be intimidated by this dress.
Muslin: No, but as mentioned I had made View A. The skirt is not fitted, so that also made it easier.
Cost: Fabric was about $20.

Now we just need some warmer weather so I can feel appropriate wandering around in the neighbourhood in florals.

3 thoughts on “Rhubarb Pie-Making Dress”

  1. That is the prettiest house-dress; demure and bold all at once.
    The Crescent skirt would look awesome in wool over tights too, for fall (or rainy summer).
    We should book a sewing weekend and you can show me all the tricks and expertise the challenge year is giving you. Me and my machine need a tune-up.

  2. Love your version!! My store was out of this pattern last time there was a sale. I hope I can get it sometime!

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