C’s Homecoming


For obvious reasons, today was all about C, who got to come home!  It’s so incredibly wonderful to enjoy her away from the files detailing her medical issues, the monitors and the constant buzz of people.  Just a snoozy little baby snuggling up in the crib (when the big brother and sister aren’t fighting over her, kissing her, or affectionately calling her “birthmark-y” – She does have quite a few, but I’m gently trying to discourage that moniker!)

But I also wanted to shout out to Bea, who had her NG tube removed yesterday.


My gosh, how different her little face looks from a few weeks ago. Now if she would just start gaining and stop those darn bradys, she could come home too.

3 thoughts on “C’s Homecoming”

  1. Welcome home Cora! 🙂 what a big milestone! And Bea does look so different! Hope she keeps growing and can join Cora at home ASAP!

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